Forever Fans of Max Verstappen

Taking a 5 year partnership over the finish line in style

Concept Development
Art Direction
Script Writing
Live Action
Graphic Design
2D Animation
3D Animation
Motion Tracking
Color Grading
Sound Design
by Audentity

How do we help Exact celebrate their partnership with Formula 1’s Max Verstappen?

Max’s fiery ambition and precision driving got him to the top of Formula 1 and made him the perfect partner for Exact, an accounting software company who know the value of speed and efficiency. They asked us to create a motion heavy commercial to commemorate their 5 year partnership coming to a close.


Our approach

During races, Max uses a vast array of data, such as Tyre Pressure, Wind Resistance and of course Speed to ensure he’s the most efficient driver on the track. To highlight the similarities between the F1 hot shot and the data led accounting software company, we presented Max as a numberphile, literally addicted to the numbers.

The result

Rapid cuts and slick transitions mimic the fast paced twists and turns of F1 driving and embody the journey that Max and Exact took together, on and off the track, in one commercial broadcasted on national television and online.

The process

We put together a proces video to give you a glimpse of all the animation techniques we used to create the end result. We animated over 40 fictional F1 racing interface elements to create the futuristic interface ring around Max. We used particle and wind simulations in Houdini to create the line effect on the car. We wrote custom code to generate over 30 procedural generated patterns used subtly in the UI elements. We shot all footage with Max ourselves. And yes, it's him, even when he is wearing the helmet. We did lot's of motion tracking on the live footage to add the red neon line effects. We directed the film, the creative proces, both the live action part and the whole post production proces.


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