Marketing Wire

Channel Branding that connects the dots

Concept Development
Art Direction
Visual Branding
Graphic Design
2D Animation
Sound Design

How do we create an original identity for a travel related marketing platform?

Our friends at asked us to develop an animated identity for their Marketing Wire channel, a digital environment for sharing marketing related stories, ideas and knowledge.

Our approach

After much exploration we narrowed down our approach - translate the typical challenges and traits of travel marketing into animation concepts. We visualized things like; kick-starting a business, changing directions and breaking barriers by borrowing the classic 'dot' from the logo, and using it to create visuals metaphors. We used the 2D physics engine Newton to fire the dot into the sky, shoot it around the screen and smash it through blocks.

The result

A simple, yet vibrant channel branding, which captures the essence of travel marketing. Smooth transitions, slick title sequences and stylish bumpers comprise an intuitive toolkit, enabling any Editor at Booking make their marketing content shine.


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