Programmed Personalized Ads

Programmatic advertising is a new data-led form of content curation. It is now fast becoming the norm across online bannering.

By supplying automatic systems with a matrix of content, a specific version of an ad can be selected for viewers on an individual basis. This is often cheaper, has remarketing possibilities, is measurable and transparent. Above all, it ensures that an ad is not shown to anyone with no interest in it. 

At the request of, we recently developed 60 different variations on a tested video format so that we could flexibly cater to the most common user profiles. From our database of variations, a video featuring the relevant destination and gender could be selected for the user. The videos are also customized down to interests such as food, shopping and museums. Based on this, the ideal room for their trip is suggested to them. In short, it is a customised inspiration service courtesy of

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