Programmatic Advertising

A modular travel ad with 60 variations programmed to be personalized.

Concept Development
Live Action
2D Animation
3D Animation
Color Grading
Sound Design

How do you tailor a live action ad to specific members of your audience?

It’s hard making ads that appeal to 100% of your audience, but it’s even harder making ads specific to every single consumer. That’s why when Booking asked us to do both, we used a modular approach and ‘Programmatic Advertising’ to build over 60 different personalized ads.

Our approach.

This wasn’t your average shoot or production, so we knew we had to work smart. By using existing data to create user profiles, we built a catalog of shots which we’d need to build the tailored ads.

The result.

A modular commercial, with over 60 variations. Based on a user's gender, language, and personal preference in things like food, shopping and culture, Booking are now able to recommend the ideal accommodation for trips to the 6 most popular destinations. In short, a customized inspiration service courtesy of


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