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How did we become a preferred supplier for a tech giant, leading the way in healthcare innovation?

Back in 2015, we started building our reputation within Philips Design by working closely with multiple team leads in Eindhoven on the High Tech Campus. We started working on various visual design, interface design and motion design challenges. All this quickly allowed us to build a name for ourselves as a go-to studio for high-end visual design and motion work, always more than willing to exceed expectations. Over the last few years we have worked on numerous projects for Philips Design and Philips Healthcare. The reel shown above is only a glimpse of the work done so far. Due to confidentiality not all the work is shareable. We would like to highlight the most engaging work we have done for Philips.

Branding in motion

We have created multiple animated branding visuals for a wide range of purposes, based on the visual identity as originally designed by the talented folks at PlusOne Amsterdam. They were used both internally and externally, to create informative animations and in several marketing campaigns. But they came into their own perfectly at several events and conferences, ranging from ECR, CEC, RSNA to Dutch Design Week. Our contribution helped to show and demonstrate the latest innovations in healthcare, while at the same time providing a magical touch of remarkable branding.

Dealing with complex messages

We have produced multiple internal and external animated explainer films for Philips Healthcare. Many topics within healthcare, quickly tend to become complex, even for professionals. Our animations made hard-to-understand messages as clear as day.

Simplicity in message and style

We studied the existing brand guidelines of Philips and used motion not only elevate messages, but to presents ideas in a simple, yet captivating way. We created visual metaphors to guide a viewer through a storyline. We uncomplicated things, and left only what was meaningful, making it simple and concise for a larger audience.

Illustrated personas for the Design Language System

We have extensively collaborated with Philips Design to develop the Philips Design Language System, where tasks were ranging from delivering wide explorations on visual design and motion elements, to finalizing design elements and creating specifications to supplement to their enormous library. Our personal highlight of this project was to develop an extensive series of detailed illustrations that visualize all internal personas of Philips Design.

1.-Designer UX-VD illustration
1.-Designer UX-VD sketch
2_UsabilityEngineers illustration
2_UsabilityEngineers sketch
3_DesignTechnologist sketch
4_Design_Director illustration
4_Design_Director sketch
9_ProjectManagers illustration
9_ProjectManagers sketch

Illustration for children

While this is probably a big contrast to the other work we have made for Philips, it was definitely something we enjoyed working on. We created a variety of illustrated themes for kids. They were used in several serious medical applications and games teaching kids more about their health and treatments.

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