Kennedy Van der Laan Channel branding

Together with our friends of K.O! we spent several days documenting scripted and non-scripted work related situations at the brand new and beautiful office of Kennedy van der Laan in the heart of Amsterdam. With this vast database of cinematic shots we went back into the studio to create their new channel branding by bringing their visual identity in motion. We made a set of templates to use for all their video output, from events to recruitment and news updates to internal presentations. We were aiming for a complimenting combination of music, motion design and footage that together represented the client and their slogan, ‘The art of capturing the essence’, via a simple line. All this to professionalize their online presence and create a thriving community.


Client: Kennedy van der Laan
Agency: K.O.!
Film Director: Tim Keen
DOP: Ward Trommelen
Animation Director: Richard Beerens
Motion Design: James Carbutt, Richard Beerens, Pip Williamson
Sound: Geert van Gaalen, Studio de Keuken

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